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Digital Ecosystem Needs Legal Framework Says Union Law Minister At JGU Conference

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“Technology is going to be play a very crucial role in the future of Law Education and India must play a leading role in the international legal system,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology and Law & Justice in his inaugural address for the global academic Conference on the theme ‘Reimagining & Transforming the Future of Law Schools and Legal Education: Confluence of Ideas During & Beyond COVID-19’. He also stated that the digital ecosystem needs a legal framework for governance which young Indian law students must pursue for a successful career.

“During the pandemic, it was the digital ecosystem which kept the world together. Be it the internet, IT-enabled platforms or mobile phones to make digital connectivity simpler and effective, we continued to function in India through these digital systems. The global pandemic has created havoc with the lives, health and safety of people but it has also given us a lot of opportunity. It has created many challenges which require legal solutions. Though this transformation is important in the digital ecosystem, the future of legal education must focus on technology. Technology creates opportunity but it also poses challenges especially for regulation. Law Schools need more adoption of technology-related legal education to prepare students for a successful career. It is very important that these challenges must be taught in law schools. Indian students are second to none but they also need proper exposure in global platforms. Understanding of technology-related laws is a very important aspect which law schools must focus on,” he added. 

“Technology has been widely used for governance in India especially for welfare entitlements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the norm and we need to harness it for health, education, agriculture and more but what should be the limit of AI?   Should human ethics have a role? What should be the legal architecture of the application of AI? Any digital-legal system must not be completely oblivious of the basic time-tested attributes of human behaviour based on ethical values. The data economy will create other challenges too with issues like: Data economy and taxation, cyber-crimes and jurisdiction, cyberbullying, rogue elements, hacking of data. The internet is a global platform but it has to connect to local ideas, culture and sensitivities. What should be the architecture of law in these areas? India is emerging as a global power, there is a compelling need for India to play its destined role in the international legal system as well.”