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Areas of Practise


When a person is being accused in a crime, he is arrested and there by he has to seek for regular bail in the appropriate court of law.

The matters of bails involve crucial arguments and relevant experience, which needs expertise professionals for presenting the case on behalf of the person accused and obtaining bails, especially for minimising the considerable delay involved in it.

Anticipatory bails are one of the toughest tasks in criminal matters and the professional dealing with the matter has to have exceptional knowledge in representing these matters, for an unforeseen criminal case that could be registered upon a person or for a person implicated falsely in a crime. 

Our team has extremely knowledgeable advocates who have several years of experience in handling the matter of bails and have exceptional command over the arguments pertaining to attain bails (both Regular & Anticipatory bails) in a short run.


When a person is falsely implicated in a crime, the general process followed by several advocates is applying for Regular bail in case he is arrested or apply for Anticipatory bail to prevent arrest from police in the appropriate court of law, as most of them do not practice in the High Court and are not well versed with the proceedings of the High court. Applying for bails is not only a time-consuming process, but also involves financial burden to the client in the form of sureties that need to be produced. Another option apart from the regular practice is the filing of a quash petition before the Hon’ble High court, wherein the person is significantly relieved from the false case filed against him. 

As our team practices in High court, we are well versed with the proceedings of quash, having handled several such matters, thereby improving the chances of appropriate relief.


Matrimonial cases have grown rapidly in few years and are the most traumatic occurrences between the couple and need expertise advice. The matrimonial cases not only influence the life of the couple, but also hinder the well being and future of their child/children, if not handled in a proper manner. Apart from these, the cases are pending before the court for years, which ruins the career, valuable age and hamper other important decisions in their individual lives. In instances where these cases are not dealt by experts, the couple suffer, financially, physically, mentally and also have to face social humiliation, which in turn spoils their whole life.

Matrimonial cases have cropped up hugely in the recent years; the regular practitioners opt for civil proceedings, which unfortunately cause further delay. Our team of experts have handled innumerable matrimonial cases and have comprehensively dealt them as per the emerging methods, which reduce the prolonged years of delay. 

We deal with matrimonial cases which include, Restitution of conjugal rights, Divorce (Mutual & Contested), Domestic Violence cases, 498A matters, child custody & maintenance, Alimony cases all over Telangana.


General practices followed in criminal cases are trials of the matter, even when a person is falsely accused in a crime and has to undergo the accusation for a prolonged period of time, until the person is proved to be innocent, which involves financial & societal suffering. 

The provision of “Discharge” from the crime is a boon in the criminal cases, which envisages the person falsely accused of a crime to escape from the prolonged trials of the courts. We at Disha, having immense experience in criminal proceedings prefer to file discharge petitions in criminal proceedings, which help the person accused to relieve from the accusations in a short run. 

Our team are experts in the criminal proceedings and hold vast knowledge and experience in handling criminal matters. The trial in criminal matter, the cross Examination, the extraction of truth from the witnesses and the arguments are the most crucial stages, which are our prime focus and areas of expertise, as they play a major role in proving the innocence of the person accused of a crime.

We at Disha handle POCSO Act cases. In the recent times, the POCSO Act is widely being misused for gaining wrongful benefits and accusing an innocent person of the heinous crime, wherein the person accused has to face a lot of societal humiliation and remarks even after being innocent. 

Our firm also handles NDPS Act cases. The persons accused in the NDPS Act are widely innocent, not having knowledge of the material that is being transported, but unfortunately they are accused of the said crime and have to face the accusations.   

Our firm’s extensive experience extends to all types of matters in representing clients across Telangana in both prosecution of the criminal cases and also represent for defence in criminal matters.


There is an abnormal increase in the matrimonial disputes due to differences in opinions, thoughts, etc.., amid their dispute; they file about 4 to 5 cases, which are filed in different courts and places. Matrimonial cases involve a lot of emotional suffering and anguish. Instead of facing the lengthy legal battle in court, when couple approach us our primary goal is to resolve the issue between them out of court. Our team of experts who are qualified and experienced in matrimonial dispute resolution, try to resolve the misunderstandings, their issues and aim for reunion of the couple and in case of irreparable differences between them, try to bring them to consensus so that they opt for divorce by mutual consent which saves the valuable time, money and suffering involved in pursuing the cases in court. 

Our firm has experience of handling innumerable matrimonial cases, wherein most of the cases were settled through counselling and the couple did not have to go through the painful process in the court of law. 

We have several clients satisfied with our counselling sessions, which has resolved the issues between them without entering the court and are leading a happy marital life with each other.

We aim towards reducing the matrimonial litigation and binding families, as several families together form a society.


Our firm handles a wide range of successful civil cases involving  matters, such as Tort Claims, Equitable claims, Breach of contract/Agreement claims, Specific performance of Contract matters,  Eviction matters, Injunction suits, Money Recovery suits, Medical Negligence, Land lord/Tenant issues, Verification of property documents, Partition suits, Legal Heir Certificate, Succession Certificate, Land encroachment matters, Wills, GPA, Gift Deeds.

When a individual starts a business and due to several factors cannot meet the financial obligations and ends up in having huge debts, they resort to practices of committing suicide in that psychological state of pressure, for not being able to pay the debts. There is a legal shelter available in the form of Insolvency for people facing such situation. We have handled several cases of Insolvency successfully.


The Apex court of a state is the respective High Court, an individual approaches the High court when their fundamental rights are infringed and when they don’t get the appropriate relief in the lower courts. Our team has extensively commanding grasp and experience over the matters filed in High court. Our expertise team handles matters of Writs, i.e. 

Writ of habeas corpus – If any citizen faces unlawful detention by police/public authority, (for example: if the person arrested is not produced before the court within 24 hours) or any individual, then that individual facing detention or any person related to him may approach the Hon’ble high court seeking production/release/legal custody of that person.

Writ of mandamus- In cases where any public authority/government official/Government office, do not perform or refuse to perform their legal duties, then any citizen may approach the Hon’ble High Court seeking directions from the court, for performing their legal duties.

Writ of prohibition- In cases where the lower courts, tribunals or any other quasi judicial authorities are doing something beyond their authority, any citizen may approach the Hon’ble High court and seek direction to prohibit them from doing something beyond their authority.

Writ of Quo-warranto- Through this writ the court calls upon a person holding a public office/government office/ government official to show under what authority he holds that office. If it is found that the person is not entitled to hold that office, he may be ousted from it.  

Writ of Certiorari- It is filed when the court is of the opinion that a lower court or a tribunal has passed an order which is beyond its power or committed an error of law.

Public Interest Litigation (PIL): PIL stands for legal action taken by public spirited person in order to protect public interest (any act for the benefit of public). For example:

. Content or conduct of government policies, orders or ordinances.

. Violation of the basic human rights of any individual or a group of person.

. Compel the municipal authorities to perform a public duty

. Violation of religious rights

We also handle the matters of Appeals in the Hon’ble High Court of Telangana (both civil & criminal).


Our firm has a team of expert advocates who handle the matters of appeals in civil cases which are disposed off in the lower courts without giving an appropriate relief to the person seeking it, following indefinite reasons. 

We also handle criminal cases where the person is convicted in the lower court, following inappropriate trials conducted on behalf of the person convicted. 

Our team has exceptional experience in handling appeals in the Senior Civil/Sessions Courts and The Hon’ble High Court of Telangana.


Cheque bounce matters involve extensive knowledge on the NI Act and thorough experience in handling the related matters, as it deals with numerous limitations of law which requires timely services in dealing with these matters. 

The holder of the cheque in due course is required to prove that the cheque was issued by the accused, which involves a time bound procedure to be followed. The holder of the cheque also has to prove his claim, where in he is required to prove his claim based on evidence to be laid in support of his claim, where a knowledgeable advocate plays a prominent role. 

In cases where a person is accused of Cheque bounce, without his knowledge and the drawer of the cheque has obtained the cheque fraudulently or any illegal means, such person needs proper professional advice and expertise advocate in order to defend him from being accused of such case.

We at Disha have expertise professionals, handling several cheque bounce cases of both prosecution and defence in cheque bounce cases all over Telangana.


With the growth of globalisation and technological advancements, there is an enormous increase in the cases related to cyber crimes. These cases include high amount of financial loss and in few cases, innocent people have to face false accusations for the wrong done by   criminals. We at Disha have a highly knowledgeable group of advocates, having handles several cases of cyber crimes and helped people in getting the relevant relief.


Our team are experts in handling matters of DRT. We represent on behalf of both borrowers & Guarantors wherein the banks don’t follow the appropriate rules as mentioned in the SARFAESI Act, such as serving the notices etc., and tries to take possession of the property or sell the property through E-Auction. We represent in not only Debt Recovery Tribunals, Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals and depending upon the situation we also handle DRT in High Court of Telangana.


Our firm has a team of experts handling cases related to NCLT, which include matters relating to arbitration, compromise, arrangements, reconstructions, the winding up of the companies and the insolvency resolution process of the companies in Telangana.


We provide services to the lenders, borrowers, advisers and other intermediaries any with the banking or any financial institution.


We at Disha have expertise professionals proficient in providing   services for Central government and Telangana state government employees who face inappropriate transfers, postings, suspensions, recruitment, and the employees who are removed from the services without holding any inquiry and also handle the matters for obtaining stay,   on the unseemly internal inquiry conducted by the respective department.


Keeping in view the importance in identifying and protecting intellectual property in this developing knowledge based economy, Our firm has rendered services to several companies on issues related to the registration of IP rights including, trademarks, Copy right, designs, domain name registrations.


Our firm has a team of advocates in taxation laws who have highly commanding knowledge over both direct and indirect tax laws and provide exceptional advice on potential tax liability implications. Our expertise professionals handle matters in Income tax tribunal, Income tax appellate tribunal and in the Hon’ble High court.


Arbitration & Conciliation are the emerging fields in law which basically deals with the out of court settlements and also reduces the burden of litigation the courts of law. Our team handles matters of arbitration and conciliation assisting the parties in discussing issues and reach to an agreement.